2 Pack Tea Kit Plus Palm Tumbler

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Skinny Boost Tea Kit-2 Pack-2 Plus Free Palm Leaf Tumbler- 2 Daytime Teas (28 Bags/Pouch) 2 Evening Detox Teas (14 Bags/Pouch) Non GMO, Vegan, All Natural Detox and Cleanse

Skinny Boost 2-Pack Pack Tea Kit

Cleanse & Detox in 2 Steps: Improve your wellness journey with the Skinny Boost 2 Pack Tea Kit Plus Palm Tumbler, featuring 28 Day Detox Daytime Tea (28 tea bags) and 28 Day Detox Evening Tea (14 tea bags). Crafted with precision, our tea kit supports metabolism boosts and detoxification and is an all-natural, non-GMO, vegan, and keto-friendly solution for your health goals.

Total Package Of Health Benefits

Unbox the total package of health benefits with our carefully packed tea bags. Each box of tea is a carefully curated blend of modern tea elements, offering a tea packet filled with the goodness of nature. Experience the convenience of a boxed tea set gift that not only aligns with your wellness goals but also makes for an ideal tea-coffee tumbler gift set.

Variety Done With Modern Tea Service

Relax in the pleasure of variety with our modern tea service, where every tea bag holds the promise of a delightful experience. This set of tea packages is made to captivate your senses, offering a tea box set gift that stands out among tea coffee gift sets.

One-Day Oolong Tea Magic

Discover the essence of a one-day oolong tea experience infused with palm detox magic. Our best tea samplers of palm tumbler have been thoughtfully chosen to create the ultimate tea sampler gift set, providing you with the best tea variety pack and the best herbal tea sampler all in one.

Top Rated Tea Experience

Better your tea moments with top-rated tea selections, including best tea options that promise the best hot tea experience. Our tea sampler sets are a delightful journey into the world of delicious tea, offering the best tea for men and the best tea in bags.

28-Day Detox Tea Adventure With Skinny Boost

Embark on a 28-day detox tea adventure with Skinny Boost, experiencing the benefits of our skinny boost 28-day detox. Let the detox diet tea and detox boost tea work their magic as you embrace the best detox teas available. Read our skinny boost detox tea reviews and discover what makes our tea sampler gift sets truly exceptional.

Enhance Your day With Day Time Tea

Enhance your daily routine with a cup of daytime tea, part of our tea 28-day detox plan. Find the perfect balance with boosted teas near me, experiencing the boost detox effect and the wonders of detox tea before and after.

Tea Slimming Detox For Natural Wellness

Done the power of nature with our carefully crafted tea slimming detox options, including herbal slim tea and detox slim. Embrace tea days with slim tea, a slim tea herbal detox that supports natural slimming. Kickstart your mornings with the best tea for morning energy, selecting from our range of natural slimming tea options.

Total Tea Detox Experience

Experience the total tea detox with our 28-day cleanse and detox program. Optimize your mornings with the best tea to drink in the morning for energy, promoting a healthier lifestyle. Uncover the slimming booster within our slim green tea and metabolism booster tea, offering a pathway to skinny tea weight loss.

Say Goodbye To Belly Fat With Body Tea

Everyday detox tea organic is within reach with our slim detox options, including pro slim weight loss support. Say goodbye to belly fat with our belly fat tea and enjoy the goodness of body tea for an effective wellness experience.

Slim Tea Green Tea Simplicity

Savor the simplicity of slim tea green tea, the ultimate solution for your detox and weight loss journey. Accept the Skinny Boost 2 PACK TEA KIT, and let the natural slimming tea improve your wellness routine.

Explore Skinny Boost Teas

Visit our site to explore the world of Skinny Boost teas and discover the joy of “Skinny Boost 2 Pack Tea Kit Plus Palm Tumbler” with total tea detox.

CLEANSE & DETOX IN 2 STEPS - Skinny Boost 28 Day Detox kit includes 1 Daytime Tea (28 tea bags) and 1 Evening Tea (14 tea bags) Get the boost you need to jumpstart your health and fitness goals using the Skinny Boost 2 step cleanse and detox plan. The combination of our powerful all natural ingredients work together to create a natural cleanse and full body detox which kicks the body in high gear for achieving your wellness goals.

TEA KIT: Drink Daytime tea every day for 28 days. Drink Evening tea every other night for 28 days. 

DAYTIME TEA INGREDIENTS: green tea, oolong, orange peel, lemongrass, ginger root, dandelion, ginseng root, garcinia cambogia. Natural citrus and lemon flavors. 

EVENING TEA INGREDIENTS: Senna leaf, licorice root, peppermint leaf, fennel fruit, orange peel, cinnamon bark, ginger root, dandelion, lemongrass. Natural Lemon and honey flavors.

Customer Reviews

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Enjoy this detox tea!

I really enjoy this tea. It help keep bloating down and helps cleanse the body of impurities

Anderson B
Love this detox tea!

One of the only tea’s that help me detox., and get rid of my bloating. The cup is the rock star, and it really works.

Love this awesome tumbler!!

I LOVE THIS TEA AND THIS GORGEOUS TUMBLER TO SIP MY TEA! This Tumbler is absolutely gorgeous and DURABLE!!! Many thanks to SKINNY BOOST for making this awesome TUMBLER!!! IT'S TUMBLER TEA TIME!! ;)

Akash goel Goel
Enjoy this detox tea!

I really enjoy this detox tea. It has helped tremendously to keep my bloating down and cleanse my body of toxins!

Akash goel Goel
Love this awesome tumbler and tea!

I LOVE THIS TEA AND THIS GORGEOUS TUMBLER TO SIP MY TEA! This Tumbler is absolutely gorgeous and DURABLE!!! Many thanks to SKINNY BOOST for making this awesome TUMBLER!!! IT'S TUMBLER TEA TIME!! ;)