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Skinny Boost 28 Day Detox Daytime Tea -(28 Tea Bags) Supports Metabolism Boost, Detox, All Natural, Non GMO, Vegan, Keto Friendly

Discover the magic of Skinny Boost 28 Day Detox Daytime Tea! This isn't just any detox tea; it's a daily dose of wellness, lovingly packed into 28 tea bags. Imagine starting each day with a cup of this all-natural, metabolism-boosting wonder. It is not just a drink; it is a daily routine that sets the tone for a healthier you.

Think of Skinny Boost daytime tea as your cheerleader, rooting for your wellness with every sip. This 28 day detox tea is more than a mere beverage; it's a partner in your health journey, offering a blend of detoxification and regrowth over 28 days of tea detox.

Accept the gentle, effective cleanse of our detox tea 28 days blend. The natural ingredients in our tea detox 28 days work in harmony, offering a soft yet powerful detoxifying experience. The 28 day cleanse is your chance to press the reset button on your well-being.

What sets Skinny Boost 28 day detox apart is its unwavering commitment to quality and health. Non-GMO, vegan, and keto-friendly, this detox diet tea is a pure, wholesome choice. It's not just about detoxification; it's about improving a healthier, more attractive you with this detox boost tea.

Hear the stories of transformation with our detox tea before and after tales. Skinny Boost isn't just a product; it's a lifestyle. Our detox weight loss tea is a favorite among those looking for a natural, effective weight management aid.

Curious about the benefits of detox tea? Our Skinny Boost detox tea reviews tell it all. This tea is not just for weight loss; it is a key to unlocking energy and a healthy life you never knew you had. With the finest detox teas, like ours, you're savoring health in every cup.

Make daytime tea time a valued part of your day. It is more than a break; it is a step towards a healthier, happier you. With Skinny Boost, you're not just picking a tea; you're choosing a brighter, healthier future. The herbal slim tea blend is specially chosen for its natural properties, supporting your health journey in every cup.

Skinny Boost 28 Day Detox kit includes 1 Daytime Tea (28 tea bags). The combination of our powerful all natural ingredients work together to create a natural cleanse and full body detox which kicks the body in high gear for achieving your wellness goals.

TEA KIT: Drink Daytime tea every day for 28 days.  

DAYTIME TEA INGREDIENTS: green tea, oolong, orange peel, lemongrass, ginger root, dandelion, ginseng root, garcinia cambogia. Natural citrus and lemon flavors. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 91 reviews
Detox queen!

This tea is hands down the best ever!

Griselda Ramirez

Best detox tea i have ever tried. Next time I will buy the tea kit.

Akash goel Goel
Decrease my menstrual cramps!

I absolutely LOVE this detox tea. I’ve been drinking it consistently for over a year now, and it’s become essential to my morning routine. Don’t ask me how, but I’ve just noticed since taking it my period cramps decreased dramatically. I used to have really bad cramps before this but now it’s barely there. I also didn’t buy this tea for weight loss purposes, but I will say it did increase my metabolism so that’s a plus. It taste really good —especially with honey. It’s definitely a staple in my home for sure.

May L Yang
Tasty Goodness

I tried the other Day & Evening Detox tea’s that cost nearly three times the price, but this one is tastier and works better! I highly recommend!

Cannot tell you how much I love this tea!

I love this detox tea! All my friends are drinking this tea, we are so pleased with the results!