My skin is glowing and I have so much energy!


"This tea REALLY WORKS! I’m super impressed with it. I’ve been taking it for about 15 days now and I’ve lost close to 5 lbs! Great tea for weight loss…along with a healthy diet and exercise routine!"


I did the 28 day detox before a wedding I was in and it did the trick!


"I lost 11 pounds without changing much of my diet. I work out already, but this just helped me reach my goal faster. I highly recommend. It was so easy."

- William

This tea really works! I am so excited to share my story!


"I was about 30 pounds over weight and started the 28 day detox. I watched what I ate and followed the detox tips. I am happy to say that I slowly reached my goal weight after 2 months!"

- Sophia

I have recommended to everyone I know. AWESOME PRODUCT!!


"I starting taking a month before my wedding. .- In one week saw HUGE difference in terms of bloating (stomach is completely flat)- Reduced appetite (helped in weight loss process) - Tasted like black tea (no strong taste) - Did not cause urgent sense to use the restroom (very natural & subtle effect) - Did not make me feel jittery due to the caffeine (felt energized throughout day). I love it!"

- Isabella

I was skeptical & I normally don’t believe in “diet” products.


"I do like tea (hot & cold) so I figured I’d give it a shot. It works for me. I am on day 7 and I have lost 6 pounds already. I have a goal weight so I am going to continue using it because it is working great!"

I have been taking this tea everyday for about 10 days. I have lost a full size in my clothes!


"I feel lighter and less hungry. I was having bad liver flare ups and fatty liver before and amazingly after 10 days it seems to be gone. I am surprised how quickly this works."

I was feeling bloated almost everyday and then Skinny Boost totally helped!


"I work out between 4-5 days a week and eat somewhat healthy and I just felt really bloated and wasn’t sure why. I am 2 weeks into the 28 day cleanse.. I can say that it has definitely taken away the bloating that I was experiencing, pair it with some good work outs and I am really happy with how my body looks right now."

I love this Detox Tea Kit - there are so many detox tummy tea variations out there, but this one is definitely my favorite.


"I actually use it every other day, because I want to savor it. In general, I feel way less bloated on days after I drink it, and I have truly noticed my stomach shrinking over the course of the month. Other teas with detox capabilities often taste like dirt, but these are tasty and the evening one is calming. Highly recommend!'

Over the weeks of my detox I teetered between a 3-5 lb. loss of weight.


"I did notice the bloat reducing. This made me much more comfortable and dropped a few inches in certain places. Seeing results quickly made me realize this is working and I kept it up. All that being said, I can honestly give this a 5 star rating."

I tried Skinny Boost 28 day detox teas and lost 25lbs last summer.


"I also worked out and changed my diet. This tea is so gentle. It’s great. I promise if you order you won’t be disappointed!!! I can’t wait to see how much I’ll lose this time 🤩"

I've used Skinnyfit teas in the past. The downside? Too expensive!


"A $70 price tag for the day tea, and equal price tag for the night tea, both lasting 30 days. I can't afford to support that habit so I took to the internet to find something new. Lo and behold... Skinny Boost 28 Day Detox Kit! It works even better and is half the price!"

This product is the bomb. I’m a single mom who works overnight. The first two days on this product I have had nothing but huge energy.


"Tonight my third night. I felt less bloated as well for the passed few days of starting so I got on the scale and already dropped 4 pounds. This is my new go to product for detox."

I lost 8 pounds in three weeks drinking this tea. I also lightly watched my calories intake and exercised moderately.


"The taste is pleasant, I added few drops of raw lemon and a very little Splenda to it. There is something about this tea that makes you feel satisfied for a couple of hours. Just that helps with the calories intake. The product for sure helps with bowel movement without any associated discomfort. It also helps with hunger and with the energy level."

This does exactly what it says. It’s easy on your gut and with light exercise you will see a change.


"I’ve been drinking it for a week and walk two miles and have lost 3.5 pounds. I still eat the same , so I’m pretty happy. It does not make you go number 2 all day which is great. My bloating is significantly gone. I highly suggest this tea."

I have been drinking it for a full week. I have lost 3 pounds with no other changes being made.


"It does take my hunger and cravings away. I usually have bad craving for sugar and bread. I've never tried something that worked so effectively at taking care of my hunger and cravings. I will continue with the Skinny Boost products because they work."

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