Variety Coffee Bundle with a Coffee Mug
Diluting Variety Skinny Coffee
skinny Coffee Bundle Nutrition Facts
skinny Coffee Bundle Nutrition Facts
Variety Coffee Bundle
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Variety Coffee Bundle

Variety Coffee Bundle

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Skinny Boost Skinny Coffee Variety Pack Plus FREE Tumbler- Original, Vanilla, and Chocolate-Made with Arabica Beans, Garcinia Cambogia, Green Tea Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract, and Prebiotics-Gluten Free/Keto Friendly, Non GMO. (28 Packets/Container)

Start Your Day with a Symphony of Flavors: Skinny Boost Variety Coffee Bundle

We get it – you are a coffee lover at heart, always craving that perfect cup to kickstart your mornings, but you are also mindful of your health and wellness goals. This is where our Skinny Boost Variety Coffee Bundle becomes your new morning best friend, offering a delightful balance of indulgence and health.

Awaken Your Senses with a Dash of Vanilla and a Hint of Chocolate

Imagine this: You wake up to the inviting aroma of vanilla flavored coffee. Each sip of our vanilla coffee feels like a warm hug, comforting and luxurious. The vanilla ground coffee is not just a drink; it is a moment of pure bliss. And the best part? Our vanilla coffee has been made from the finest vanilla coffee beans, ensuring every cup is a smooth, exquisite experience.

Craving something a bit more decadent? Our chocolate flavored coffee is like a dessert in a cup. This chocolate coffee flavor is for those days when you need a little extra pampering. It is not just about the taste – it is about giving yourself a moment of indulgence, without any guilt. The combination of coffee and chocolate in our blend is a testament to our commitment to delight your taste buds while keeping your health in mind.

Not Just Any Beans: The Best from Around the World

Our passion for coffee drives us to source only the best arabica coffee beans. These arabica green coffee beans are selected with care to ensure that your cup of coffee vanilla or chocolate coffee isn't just another beverage, but a premium coffee experience. It is about bringing the world’s best flavors right to your mug.

Pure Ingredients: More Than Just a Flavorful Cup

But we didn’t stop at great taste. Each variant in our Skinny Boost Variety Coffee Bundle – be it Original, Vanilla, or Chocolate – comes packed with natural ingredients like Green Tea Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract, and Garcinia Cambogia. This powerful blend supports your fitness and weight loss goals, making each cup a step towards a healthier you.

Why Choose Skinny Boost?

The Skinny Boost Variety Coffee Bundle is your answer to those early morning dilemmas. It is for those who do not just drink coffee but savor it. Whether you’re in the mood for the comforting vanilla coffee, the rich chocolate coffee, or the classic original, each variety is a celebration of great taste and good health. Join us on this delicious journey where every cup is about enjoying life, one sip at a time.

MADE WITH PREMIUM ARABICA COFFEE: Skinny Boost Skinny Coffee has a smooth, satisfying medium roast profile that uses 100% Arabica beans from South America. Our Skinny Coffee does not need sweetener, it naturally tastes great!

ALL NATURAL SLIMMING COFFEE – Skinny Boost Skinny Coffee is Vegan, Non GMO, Soy, Gluten & Sugar Free. Keto and Paleo-friendly and perfect for intermittent fasting. And best of all Skinny Coffee tastes delicious!

SCIENTIFICALLY proven Skinny Boost Skinny Coffee has Green Tea Extract, Green Coffee Bean, Garcinia Cambogia, and L-carnitine which are key ingredients to help support fitness and weight loss goals.

REACH HEALTH GOALS- Skinny Coffee may help boost the metabolism and increase energy levels throughout the day and possibly help to suppress the appetite. Consistent use may result in feeling fuller longer and reduce bloat through detox support of the prebiotics.

Dissolve 1-2 packets in hot water and mix thoroughly. Enjoy!

Ingredients:Arabica Coffee, green tea extract, white kidney bean extract, garcinia cambogia, L-carnitine, green coffee bean extract, citrus aurantium extract, cactus extract, erythiritol, inulin, salt, stevia, natural vanilla flavor

Customer Reviews

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I love that the flavors! This has helped me decrease craving and bloating, and the tumbler is really cute!


I love these coffee’s! All the flavors are good I can’t pick a favorite. They work to curb my appetite and give me a good energy in the morning.

Marbella Jones

I love all the skinny Boost coffee flavors! They taste very good. love the idea of a small pack and when I don't have time to make coffee at the house I can just get some hot water in the office and put 1 packet it and have a great cup of coffee.

Fabulous Flavors!

Love all three flavors! Fabulous flavor and energy booster!

Lea Clarkson

I love all the flavors, what I make depends on how I feel in the morning! I love the coffee tumbler, it is unique and works as it should.