Tea Kit & ACV Gummies

  • 1 Daytime Tea (28 bags)
  • 1 Evening Tea (14 bags)
  • 1 Sugar-Free Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Gummies
  • $49.95
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    The Skinny Boost Power Kit includes our best selling Daytime and Evening teas and our SUGAR FREE apple cider vinegar gummies. They are made with premium ingredients that are all natural, Non GMO and Vegan. Detox, cleanse and get the metabolism going with the perfect combination of the Skinny Boost tea kit and potent sugar free ACV gummies!

    Discover the Skinny Boost ACV Gummies Advantage

    Begin your journey to wellness with our unique Skinny Boost Tea & ACV Gummies. These gummies, infused with natural apple flavors, are not just a treat for your taste buds; they are your companion in reaching wellness goals. Perfect for kick-starting your fitness procedure and living a healthier life. Crafted with a fusion of potent green supplements and the goodness of apple cider vinegar, our gummies are a delightful treat packed with benefits.

    Embrace the Believe Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies Experience

    Experience the unique blend of flavors with the popular Believe Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies, enriched with the mother for added nutritional value. Take part in the taste and health benefits of Believe Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies. These gummies are a blend of taste and wellness, ideal for those aiming for a healthier gut and increased energy, without the added sugars. These ACV gummies are not just tasty; they are a powerhouse of wholesome health benefits.

    Essential Wellness with ACV Gummies & Detox Kit: Discover the essential elements of wellness with our ACV Gummies, a key part of the Skinny Boost Detox Kit. These sugar-free, naturally infused gummies are perfect for those focused on weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. With zero sugar and natural apple vinegar, they are your essential companion for effective weight management and a premium detox experience.

    Our Tea Kit & ACV Gummies are crafted to offer you the highest potency, with the benefits of 'the mother' for an enhanced detox experience. They are the simple, tasty solution to integrate apple cider vinegar into your daily routine, helping you stay on track with your health goals. These apple cider vinegar gummies are aiding in detoxifying harmful toxins and achieving a balanced lifestyle.

    Skinny Boost 28 Day Detox: Cleanse and Energize: Our 28 Day Detox plan, featuring Skinny Boost tea and ACV gummies, is your ideal choice for a comprehensive body cleanse. The blend of natural ingredients and apple cider vinegar works cooperatively to cleanse the

    Discover the Best ACV Gummies for Detox: Wondering where to find the finest ACV gummies? Our Skinny Boost ACV Gummies are your go-to choice for a natural detox solution. Begin your wellness journey with us, ensuring a natural path to achieving your fitness goals.

    Your Detox with Skinny Boost Tea: Transform your detox routine with our Skinny Boost Detox Tea. Ideal for both short-term and 28-day cleanses, our tea, along with the ACV Gummies, forms a potent duo for accomplishing health and fitness goals, keeping you energized and focused.

    Unwind with the Ideal Evening Tea: Conclude your day with our specially formulated evening tea. It's the perfect complement to your wellness routine, enhancing metabolism, cleansing your body, and perfectly pairing with the delightful Skinny Boost ACV Gummies for optimal health benefits.


    CLEANSE & DETOX IN 2 STEPS - Skinny Boost 28 Day Detox kit includes 1 Daytime Tea (28 tea bags) and 1 Evening Tea (14 tea bags) Get the boost you need to jumpstart your health and fitness goals using the Skinny Boost 2 step cleanse and detox plan. The combination of our powerful all natural ingredients work together to create a natural cleanse and full body detox which kicks the body in high gear for achieving your wellness goals.

    NATURAL DETOX TEAS– Skinny Boost teas are 100% all natural, Vegan, Non GMO, Soy, Gluten & Sugar Free. Our teas are made from 100% natural ingredients, no scary chemicals. Keto and Paleo friendly and perfect for intermittent fasting. And best of all Skinny Boost teas taste delicious!

    NO SUGAR ADDED-Skinny Boost Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies have zero added sugar. Check your labels! Most brands add sugar to their gummies which defeats the purpose of weight loss, detox and health benefits. We pride ourselves on having the very best ingredients with no added sugars like corn syrup or cane sugar while still achieving delicious tasting premium ACV gummies that you will love. Ingredients are important so check and compare what is inside.

    MAXIMUM STRENGTH PLUS VITAMIN C-WITH THE MOTHER- Skinny Boost Apple Cider Vinegar gummies have the maximum potency of 750mg per serving compared to most brands that have only 500mg. Our ACV gummies also have a bonus of Vitamin C to give an extra boost to the immune system while also providing optimal weight loss and detox benefits. And our ACV gummies have “The Mother” which is the most potent part of the apple cider vinegar fermentation process making it a premium gummy with maximum benefits.

    TEA KIT: Drink Daytime tea every day for 28 days. Drink Evening tea every other night for 28 days.

    APPLE CIDER VINEGAR GUMMIES: Take 2-3 gummies once or twice a day.

    DAYTIME TEA Ingredients: green tea, oolong, orange peel, lemongrass, ginger root, dandelion, ginseng root, garcinia cambogia. Natural citrus and lemon flavors.

    EVENING TEA Ingredients: Senna leaf, licorice root, peppermint leaf, fennel fruit, orange peel, cinnamon bark, ginger root, dandelion, lemongrass. Natural Lemon and honey flavors.

    APPLE CIDER VINEGAR GUMMIES: Apple Cider Vinegar Powder, Vitamin C, maltilol isomalt, pectin, citric acid, sodium citrate, natural apple flavor.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 113 reviews
    Jshj hs Hahs
    Love this Tea!

    I love the fact that I don’t get bloated with this tea! I’m not going lie, I was hesitant. I had bought another brand and it made me feel really really bloated. So when I tried this and it didn’t do that, I was in love with it! It’s a good value for your money too! The ACV gummies are yummy!

    Akash goel Goel
    Worth it!

    I’ve been waiting to leave my review! Now that I have finished my first kit. I can say that this stuff is amazing! No more bloating, and I’m on my keto diet, the tea literally helps me to loose some more! Yess will continue to purchase! Love the ACV gummies.

    Akash goel Goel
    Works and tastes great

    I was able to lose 14 lbs using this detox tea and it has really jump started my journey which is just the kick in the pants I needed. the daytime is a good flavor. Nighttime one is stronger but I don't mind it all. at first there were more frequent bathroom visits but it got easier as the month went on and I changed some bad eating habits. totally recommend!


    Amazing product I've been taking it for 2 months consecutive going on my third I have lost about 8lbs to me is a great achievement. I drink this tea every morning and the evening tea every other night I love the night time one it helps me go to the bathroom the next morning. I feel energetic, and no cramping or running to the bathroom, drink lots of water and exercise and you'll see results.
    I will continue buying. I have bought 2 my next one is on its way.

    Definitely recommend

    Makes me feel more ambitious for the day to come and the PM tea soothes me to wind down at night. Plus great taste.. makes it easy to stick to and get results!