EASY TO USE: The 2 Step Skinny Boost Kit is easy to use. Fat Burn Boost is the fast and convenient way to get your superfood clean energy boost while also helping to speed up the metabolism. Quick Cleanse is the perfect way to jumpstart weight loss goals by cleaning out the colon and toxins. Fat Burn Boost and Quick Cleanse capsules are easy to swallow, gentle on the stomach and are vegan.

MADE WITH SUPERFOODS: Fat Burn Boost is made with superfoods like green tea extract, green coffee bean extract, raspberry keytones and garcinia cambogia which are scientifically proven to help to boost metabolism, increase energy and suppress the appetite.

SUPPORTS A REDUCTION IN BLOATING, IMPROVE DIGESTION- Skinny Boost Quick Cleanse may help to reduce bloating, get rid of excess water, and improve digestion. It has a gentle colon cleanse effect to help release years of built up toxins which in turn helps to promote wellness. Eliminate waste and toxins to help flush the bad stuff quickly to help jumpstart a healthy lifestyle.

SUPPORTS WEIGHT LOSS GOALS- Speed up the metabolism and keep on track with diet and health goals. Detox the body while reducing cravings naturally with the 2 step system. Get the boost to stay in control to help focus on weight loss goals.