Mega Bundle-Tea

  • 1 Skinny Boost Daytime Tea Pouches (28 Bags Each)
  • 1 Skinny Boost Evening Tea Pouches (14 Bags Each)
  • 1 Sugar Free Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies (60 Ct Each)
  • 1 Youth Boost Multi-Collagen Powder (58 Servings)
  • 1 Lean Greens Plus Superfood Powder (30 Servings)
  • 1 Fat Burn Boost Vegan Capsules
  • 1 15 Day Quick Cleanse Vegan Capsules
  • 1 Belly Blaster Waistline Trimmer
  • $212.65

    Product Details

    Bundle and save big!  Get all of the products you need to jumpstart your health and fitness goals. 

    Cleanse & Detox In 2 Steps

    Skinny Boost 28 Day Detox Kit includes 1 Daytime Tea (28 tea bags) and 1 Evening Tea (14 tea bags). Transform your detox routine with our Skinny Boost Detox Tea. Ideal for both short-term and 28-day cleanses, our tea, forms a potent duo for accomplishing health and fitness goals, keeping you energized and focused. Get the boost you need to jumpstart your health and fitness goals using the ‘Skinny Boost 2 step cleanse and detox plan’. The combination of our powerful all-natural ingredients, including the renowned ‘apple cider vinegar detox tea’, work together to create a natural cleanse and ‘full body detox’ which kicks the body in high gear for achieving your wellness goals. Skinny Boost Evening Tea may help to reduce bloating and improve digestion with gentle cleansing. Embrace the benefits of the ‘best evening tea’ and the boosting essence of ‘daytime tea time’ throughout your ‘28-day detox’ journey. Trust in the effectiveness of our Skinny ‘Boost 28 day detox’, a beneficial approach to wellness that has positive ‘reviews for The Detox Box’. Your routine with the absolute detox tea solution, a 2-day detox kit that complements the ‘28-day detox cleanse’. Experience the magic of our ‘tea detox 28 days’ program, your key to a growing and refreshed self.

    Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

     Our gummies stand out as one of the best ‘apple cider vinegar gummies with the mother’, ensuring a premium experience for your health journey. Crafted with care, our ACV gummies boast the natural potency of ‘750mg per serving’, surpassing the standard 500mg of most brands. Stand out in your weight loss journey with our pure ACV gummies. With zero sugar and natural apple vinegar, they are your essential companion for effective weight management and a premium detox experience. Unlike other options, ‘Skinny Boost Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies’ are ‘sugar-free’, making them a healthier choice in the market. The best ‘ACV gummies with the mother’ meet a delicious taste. Unveil the secrets of nature's craft with our ‘naturally infused ACV gummies’, designed to enhance your well-being. Take control of your health with Skinny Boost - your go-to source for the best ‘acv gummy for weight loss’ and optimal wellness. Make a smart choice with ‘Skinny Boost Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies’ - where quality, potency, and taste converge for a delightful and health-conscious experience.

    Advanced Multi-Collagen Powder

    Upgrade your skincare routine with our special ‘Multi Collagen Peptides Powder’ – a powerhouse of different collagens for complete skincare. And the best part? Our high-quality collagen is currently on sale, giving you the chance to glow your skin. Delve into the perks of our carefully crafted ‘Multi-Collagen Protein’, a blend of different collagen types that work wonders for skin elasticity and aging signs. Enjoy the simplicity of our ‘Multi Source Collagen’ mix, packed with top-notch ingredients for a total skincare makeover. Uncover the goodness of our ‘Multi Collagen Protein’ – a mix of collagen types to boost your overall skincare. 

    Lean Green Superfood Powder

    Introducing ‘Lean Green Superfood Powder’ – a carefully constructed blend for optimal health benefits and fat burn boost. SkinnyBoost Lean Greens Plus is expertly formulated with the most nutrition-rich superfoods available, including ‘spinach, wheatgrass, mushrooms, super fruits, sea veggies’, and more. This powerful mixture supports essential body functions at the cellular level, promoting overall well-being.

    Fuel your fat-burn journey with ingredients like green tea extract’, green coffee bean extract, raspberry ketones, and garcinia cambogia in our Fat Burn Boost formula. Scientifically proven to boost metabolism, increase energy, and suppress appetite, this blend is your partner in achieving weight loss goals. Embrace the power of superfoods with SkinnyBoost – your key to a healthier and leaner you. Don't miss out on the benefits of our ‘greens powder for weight loss’ and the goodness of ‘collagen and greens powder’ for an effective approach to well-being. Elevate your wellness journey with our expertly curated ‘lean superfood daily greens’ blend, combining the potency of ‘green powder for weight loss’ with the nourishing effects of ‘better greens with caffeine’. 

    Belly Blaster

    Introducing the ‘game-changing Belly Blaster Kit’ for achieving a more appealing waistline. Our kit includes the ‘Belly Blaster’, a comfortable waistline trimmer utilizing ‘thermogenic activity’ and ‘neo-sweat technology’ for an effective sauna sweat effect. Accompanied by the potent ‘Belly Fat Blast supplement’ and the performance-boosting ‘Burner Booster’, this comprehensive kit enhances ‘fat-burning efforts’ and ‘workout efficiency’. This ‘Eliminate Fat Burner’ further targets and eliminates fat, providing a holistic approach. With a discreet and logo-free design, wear the ‘Belly Blaster’ confidently over or under clothing. Get ready to confidently get a ‘belly blast’ and achieve a slimmer, more confident you with the ‘Belly Blaster Kit.’ Top of Form

    15 Day Quick Cleanse

    Take on a 15-day wellness journey with the ‘15 DAY QUICK CLEANSE: - Skinny Boost Quick Cleanse’. Imagine this cleanse as your personalized reset button, going beyond reducing bloating and shedding excess water. It's like a self-care routine, infusing the benefits of a ‘Protein Detox Cleanse’ for that extra nourishment. With a gentle touch of a ‘Clean Start Cleanse’, it releases built-up toxins, offering a fresh beginning. Topped off with a hint of a ‘Rapid Clear Cleanser’, it's a quick and efficient kickstart to your path toward a healthier lifestyle. This isn't just about digestion or waste elimination; it's an effective approach to fostering overall health and rebuilding yourself.

    • CLEANSE & DETOX IN 2 STEPS - Skinny Boost 28 Day Detox kit includes 1 Daytime Tea (28 tea bags) and 1 Evening Tea (14 tea bags) Get the boost you need to jumpstart your health and fitness goals using the Skinny Boost 2 step cleanse and detox plan. The combination of our powerful all natural ingredients work together to create a natural cleanse and full body detox which kicks the body in high gear for achieving your wellness goals.
    • APPLE CIDER VINEGAR GUMMIES- NO SUGAR ADDED-Skinny Boost Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies have zero added sugar. Check your labels! Skinny Boost Apple Cider Vinegar gummies also have the maximum potency of 750mg per serving compared to most brands that have only 500mg. Our ACV gummies also have a bonus of Vitamin C to give an extra boost to the immune system while also providing optimal weight loss and detox benefits. And our ACV gummies have “The Mother” which is the most potent part of the apple cider vinegar fermentation process making it a premium gummy with maximum benefits.
    • ADVANCED MUTI-COLLAGEN POWDER: BOOST YOUTHFULNESS AND ELASTICITY OF SKIN- The type I, III, & V collagen work to reverse signs of aging by increasing skin’s elasticity firmness and works to smooth cellulite and wrinkles, minimize stretch marks and acne scars, and strengthen the skin for a more vibrant, youthful appearance.* Turn back the aging clock with Youth Boost!*BOOST HAIR AND NAIL GROWTH- Drastically improve thickness of hair and strength of nails with Youth Boost collagen protein powder. Consistent use our perfectly formulated collagen peptide powder will strengthen hair follicles, increase keratin proteins, and increase skin elasticity from the inside out.* Bursting with natural benefits, use of Youth Boost multi-collagen protein will result in shiny, healthier hair and stronger and longer nails.*
    • LEAN GREEN SUPERFOOD POWDER- EXPERTLY FORMULATED: SkinnyBoost Lean Greens Plus is expertly formulated with the most nutrition rich superfoods available including spinach, wheat grass, mushrooms, super fruits, sea veggies and more. This powerful blend of the most wholesome foods available provides the body with optimal health benefits at the cellular level and aids in numerous essential body functions.*FAT BURN BOOST: Fat Burn Boost is made with superfoods like green tea extract, green coffee bean extract, raspberry keytones and garcinia cambogia which are scientifically proven to help to boost metabolism, increase energy and suppress the appetite.
    • 15 DAY QUICK CLEANSE: - Skinny Boost Quick Cleanse may help to reduce bloating, get rid of excess water, and improve digestion. It has a gentle colon cleanse effect to help release years of built up toxins which in turn helps to promote wellness. Eliminate waste and toxins to help flush the bad stuff quickly to help jumpstart a healthy lifestyle.
    • BELLY BLASTER: using thermogenic activity and movement to help achieve a more attractive waistline. Help to slim the waistline with our simple, easy to use and most importantly comfortable waistline trimmer. No embarrassing logo, can be worn any day over or under clothing. The Belly Blaster is engineered with neo-sweat technology which is heat activated for a superior sauna sweat effect.

    TEA KIT: Drink Daytime tea every day for 28 days. Drink Evening tea every other night for 28 days.

    APPLE CIDER VINEGAR GUMMIES: Take 2-3 gummies once or twice a day. 

    YOUTH BOOST COLLAGEN POWDER: Mix 1-2 scops into your favorite beverage, water or recipe 1-2 times a day. 

    LEAN GREENS PLUS: Mix 1-2 scoops in water once a day and enjoy!

    FAT BURN BOOST:  Take 1-2 capsules per day preferrable in the mornings. 

    15 DAY QUICK CLEANSE: Take 1-2 capsules at bedtime every other night.  Adjust to how sensitive you are to the capsules.

    DAYTIME TEA INGREDIENTS: green tea, oolong, orange peel, lemongrass, ginger root, dandelion, ginseng root, garcinia cambogia. Natural citrus and lemon flavors

    EVENING TEA INGREDIENTS: Senna leaf, licorice root, peppermint leaf, fennel fruit, orange peel, cinnamon bark, ginger root, dandelion, lemongrass. Natural Lemon and honey flavors.

    APPLE CIDER VINEGAR GUMMIES: Apple Cider Vinegar Powder, Vitamin C, maltilolisomalt, pectin, citric acid, sodium citrate, natural apple flavor.

    YOUTH BOOST COLLAGEN POWDER: Hydrolyzed collagen peptides, bovine bone broth hydrolyzed protein, hydrolyzed fish (snapper) collagen peptides, chicken bone broth collagen concentrate, eggshell membrane collagen.

    LEAN GREENS PLUS: Wholefood & Prebiotic Blend : Wheat Grass Juice Powder, Organic Inulin, Barley Grass Powder, Alfalfa Powder, Spirulina Algae (Blue-Green) Powder, Spinach Powder, Chlorella Powder, Broccoli Powder, Antioxidant Blend : Pomegranate Fruit Powder, Acai Berry Powder, Organic Moringa Powder, Carrot Powder, Organic Beet Root Powder, Raspberry Fruit Powder, Rose Hips Powder, Pineapple Fruit Powder, Goji Berry Powder, Acerola Cherry PowderAdaptogenic Herb Blend : Maca Root Powder, Rhodiola Rosea Extract [Std. 3% Salidrosides & 1% Rosavins],Organic Ashwagandha Powder, Bacopa Monnieri Extract Powder [Std. to 20% Bacopasides], EFA Fiber Blend : Sunflower Lecithin Powder, Flax Seed Powder, Apple Pectin Powder, Metabolism Blend : Green Coffee Bean Extract [Std. to 50% Chlorogenic Acid], Ginger Root Powder, Green Tea Extract [Std. to 98% Polyphenols & 50% EGCG], White Tea Powder, Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder, Black Tea Extract, Immunity Boosting & Mushroom Blend: Echinacea Angustofolia Root Powder, Astragalus Root Powder, Reishi Powder, VeggieBlend: Tomato Powder, Cauliflower Powder, Brussel Sprout Powder, Parsley Leaf Powder, Detox Support Matrix: Milk Thistle Powder, Cilantro Powder, Turmeric Root Powder, Digestive Enzyme & Probiotic Blend: Lactobacillus acidophilus (5 Billion CFU/g), Protease 5,000 HUT/G, Amylase 5,000 SKB/G, Lipase 1,000 FIP/G, Lactase 1,000 Powder, Cellulase 1,000 CU/G, Other Ingredients: Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, Stevia Extract, Malic Acid, Vanifolia.

    FAT BURN BOOST: Green tea extract, green coffee bean extract, raspberry ketones, olive leaf extract, caffeine anhydrous powder, bacopa monierri powder, garcinia cambogia, CLA oil powder, L theanine, coleus forskohlii root extract, Bioperine.

    QUICK CLEANSE:Senna Leaf, Cascara Sagrada Bark, Psyllium Husk Powder, Flaxseed Powder, Aloe Vera Gel, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Licorice Root, Medium Chain Triglycerides Oi

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 38 reviews
    Carmen De La Cruz
    Really good bundle

    I love this kit so much because it has so many of the Skinny Boost products in it! My favorite so far has been the collagen because it is flavorless so I can add it to any drink. I've noticed improvements in my skin and my nails have been growing so fast! The lean greens are a great afternoon drink. The ACV gummies are my new go to. And the tea really keeps my bloating down.

    Akash goel Goel
    Buy this bundle!

    This bundle is worth it! I normally suffer from bloating and the tea reduced it. The taste is nice, I have had other teas and they taste horrible. The gummies are delicious they do not taste like apple cider vinegar which is nice. I have been able to go the bathroom without having to live in the bathroom lol. The lean greens are like a treat drink! I even made Margaritas with it for my dinner party! The youth boost has helped my skin hair and nails!

    Akash goel Goel
    Nicely surprised

    I have tried similar products in the past and this tea is by far the best tasting and did not leave me with stomach cramps or running to the bathroom. My favorite item in the bundle was the gummies. I have never had apple cider vinegar gummies or supplements before and was pleasantly surprised with the taste and how quickly they took effect, it helped with my heart burn too! The collagen and lean greens are so good! The tumbler is cute and really does fit comfortably in your hand. I highly recommend these products.

    Akash goel Goel

    I have tried similar detox teas in the past and this tea is by far the best tasting and did not leave me with stomach cramps or running to the bathroom. My favorite item in the bundle was the gummies. I have never had apple cider vinegar gummies or supplements before and was pleasantly surprised with the taste and how quickly they took effect, it helped with my heart burn too!

    Feeling good

    I Absolutely love this bundle!! Such an amazing value and every product is great. They all taste good and actually work. This is such a great deal. Perfect for getting back into fitness and getting healthier. I Highly recommend!

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