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    Lean Greens Plus is the ultimate super food power blend and comes in a delicious raspberry lemonade flavor. Enjoy your daily greens with SkinnyBoost's Lean Green's Plus containing superfood powder plus metabolism boosting ingredients for healthy weight loss.
    • EXPERTLY FORMULATED: SkinnyBoost Lean Greens Plus is expertly formulated with the most nutrition rich superfoods available including spinach, wheat grass, mushrooms, super fruits, sea veggies and more. This powerful blend of the most wholesome foods available provides the body with optimal health benefits at the cellular level and aids in numerous essential body functions.*
    • PROBIOTIC COMPLEX: Lean Greens Plus also contains specialized enzymes and a probiotic complex to support a healthy immune system and overall gut health.
    • METABOLISM BOOSTING INGREDIENTS: Our proprietary blend includes energizing and metabolism boosting ingredients to help keep you on track with fitness goals.
    • TASTES DELICIOUS: Scoop, stir and Enjoy! And best of all, it comes in a delicious raspberry lemonade flavor! Add Lean Greens Plus to your daily routine and feel amazing every day!*


    LEAN GREENS PLUS: Mix 1-2 scoops in water once a day and enjoy!

    LEAN GREENS PLUS: Wholefood & Prebiotic Blend : Wheat Grass Juice Powder, Organic Inulin, Barley Grass Powder, Alfalfa Powder, Spirulina Algae (Blue-Green) Powder, Spinach Powder, Chlorella Powder, Broccoli Powder

    Antioxidant Blend : Pomegranate Fruit Powder, Acai Berry Powder, Organic Moringa Powder, Carrot Powder, Organic Beet Root Powder, Raspberry Fruit Powder, Rose Hips Powder, Pineapple Fruit Powder, Goji Berry Powder, Acerola Cherry Powder

    Adaptogenic Herb Blend : Maca Root Powder, Rhodiola Rosea Extract [Std. 3% Salidrosides& 1% Rosavins], Organic Ashwagandha Powder, Bacopa Monnieri Extract Powder [Std. to 20% Bacopasides]

    EFA Fiber Blend : Sunflower Lecithin Powder, Flax Seed Powder, Apple Pectin Powder

    Metabolism Blend : Green Coffee Bean Extract [Std. to 50% Chlorogenic Acid], Ginger Root Powder, Green Tea Extract [Std. to 98% Polyphenols & 50% EGCG], White Tea Powder, Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder, Black Tea Extract

    Immunity Boosting & Mushroom Blend : Echinacea Angustofolia Root Powder, Astragalus  Root Powder, Reishi Powder

    Veggie Blend : Tomato Powder, Cauliflower Powder, Brussel Sprout Powder, Parsley Leaf Powder

    Detox Support Matrix : Milk Thistle Powder, Cilantro Powder, Turmeric  Root Powder

    Digestive Enzyme & Probiotic Blend : Lactobacillus acidophilus (5 Billion CFU/g), Protease 5,000 HUT/G, Amylase 5,000 SKB/G, Lipase 1,000 FIP/G, Lactase 1,000 Powder, Cellulase 1,000 CU/G

    Other Ingredients: Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, Stevia Extract, Malic Acid, Vanifolia.

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