Belly Blaster - Waistline Trimmer

Belly Blaster - Waistline Trimmer

  • Belly Blaster Waistline Trimmer Belt- Waist Trainer Body Shaper


Product details

Belly Blaster Waistline Trimmer Belt- Waist Trainer Body Shaper for Men and Women with Sauna Sweat Effect. Size Medium or Large
  • DEFINE THE WAISTLINE: using thermogenic activity and movement to help achieve a more attractive waistline. Help to slim the waistline with our simple, easy to use and most importantly comfortable waistline trimmer. No embarrassing logo, can be worn any day over or under clothing.
  • COMFORTABLE FLEXIBLE MATERIAL-Made of comfortable & adjustable & stretchy fabric with easy to use Velcro closure. 100% Latex-Free we use neoprene stretchy comfortable fabric, fits to your body, and will not pitch or bind- no metal closures or bulky zippers for absolute comfort with all movements including walking, exercise, running, yoga or just sitting in a desk. Comfortable enough to wear all day in normal activities.
  • SAUNA EFFECT-The Belly Blaster is engineered with neo-sweat technology which is heat activated for a superior sauna sweat effect. The heat created with workout or movement increases the body heat level around the waistline area to help achieve a more attractive and defined waistline. Keep muscles warm for workout and controls belly bulge.
  • WAIST TRAINER TRIMMER BELT: All Black Sleek design with no embarrassing logo. Made with reinforced trim and lining for maximum support and is good for training the belly to stay in and the back upright. Perfect your hour glass figure and sculpt the waistline for maximum tiny waistline look. Perfect for post partum moms and those looking to train the belly to stay tight and in place.
  • MUTI-FUNCTIONAL BODY SHAPER-The Belly Blaster may help to define the waistline and it may also improve posture and trains the back for an upright position. It may help to relieve back pain by the instant abdominal compression and lumbar support. The Belly Blaster slimming waist cincher does not dig into your skin and lays flat all the way around. Perfect for those that have lower back issues.

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